Substance Abuse Professional

Indiana FSSA - Division of Mental Health and Addiction

What is a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

A SAP is a licensed professional that has expertise in the evaluation and treatment of Substance Use Disorders AND familiarity and knowledge of  DOT Rule 49 CFR Part 40 which is the part of the Federal Register describing Procedures for the Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs. Employees that fall under this rule perform safety sensitive duties, such as Commercial Drivers or Pilots, Engineers and Pipeline Workers. For a SAP, the client is NOT the employee, it is PUBLIC SAFETY.  The fee for the entire comprehensive SAP Process is $550.  Below is an outline of the SAP Process.

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1.  Initial SAP Assessment - This is an initial face to face Interview with the employee that can take one or more sessions (1.5 hours each).  The purpose is to conduct a substance abuse evaluation and make recommendations for Level of Care Intervention, for example, Substance Abuse Education, Counseling, Intensive Outpatient Treatment or other Intervention.  This assessment typically includes use of a Substance Use Disorder screening tool as well as collecting additional information from service agents and family members.   The employee should bring to the appointment any information from the employer that referred them including a copy of the drug test, if applicable. 

2.  SAP makes a recommendation for Counseling / Education / Treatment and the employee follows the recommendation.  The SAP assists the employee with the referral process and will provide case management for the employee while he/she is completing the recommendations. 

3.  Follow-Up Evaluation -   The employee returns for a face to face interview with the SAP.  This session typically takes less time that the Initial Assessment.  The Employee brings with him/her any information from the treatment provider, for example, a completion certificate.   The SAP then prepares the reports for the employer regarding whether or not the employee demonstrated compliance with the SAP Process.