Dena Hayworth, LCSW

Dena Hayworth is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Generalist Practitioner providing psychotherapy and counseling services to West Lafayette and surrounding communities since 2002.


Dena believes that therapy should be life changing and purpose driven. Therapy is a tool to help you better understand yourself, your relationships, your worldview, and your biological and neurological functioning. Therapy helps you to look at how all these things come together and effect the way you live and work. Dena knows that for everything we do, there is always a reason. When we understand that reason we can then learn new ways to approach life, think through problems, and relate to others. This results in an increased ability to choose behavior and thoughts that helps to create mood stability and gives us the life we want.


Dena graduated from Kentucky Christian University with her Bachelor’s Degree in social work in 1999 and obtained her Master’s Degree in social work in 2002 from Indiana University. Dena has always been an advocate for social justice and was involved in a project to address issues of diversity as part of her bachelor’s degree program. Dena has worked with individuals and families in a variety of communities and circumstances throughout her career including family preservation, diversion, emergency services for children and families, community mental health provision, geriatric social work, and acute psychiatric care. Her passion has always been individual psychotherapy, it means a lot to Dena to help people learn to see their strengths, understand themselves better, and achieve their goals.


Dena has extensive experience working to treat mental health and personality disorders utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In addition to this, Dena is experienced in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and Bipolar. Most recently Dena has started to utilize Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy a modality of treatment that is utilized to assist individuals struggling with Bipolar Disorder. Dena believes that one of the most important factors in therapy is to not only understanding psychological issues but to also understand biological and neurological issues that influence our behavior and symptoms. Understanding the whole person is a vital and necessary part of treatment. Dena is also proficient in the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in adults and adjustment disorders such as struggling to adjust to college, a new baby, a new job, or any other area where change has created issues that negatively impact one’s life.


Greetings from Dena:
Welcome to Calla Counseling, thank you for your interest in our services. I know that the decision to seek help is never an easy one. But my hope is that together we can find the answers you are seeking to empower you to create a solution to whatever it is you are struggling with.